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Here are a few things you might want to know about our guild.

Knights of the Rose [KoR], is one of the largest (if not the largest) guild on the Isle of Janthir server.  We are an International PvX guild and we are now recruiting active players with an interest in PvE, WvW and improving your skills! We accept and welcome both new and experienced players.  All are welcome!

Knights of the Rose has its roots in Guild Wars 1 and has been a part of the Guild Wars 1 and 2 communities for almost eight years. We are a 425+ player family friendly PvX guild with a more mature player base, and currently are looking to expand our WvW team.

KoR’s focus is foremost to have and support a positive and respectful environment and to make sure that our players excel in any part of the game that they choose.   Our players have expertise in all sectors of the game, PvE, PvP, Dungeons and fractals.  We host trainings, server events and guild missions on a weekly basis.

By in large, we are patient, friendly and happy to teach players how to make the most of their time in game, in any game mode.

KoR offers:

  • Guild Hall
  •  A highly knowledgeable core of active players with 20-80 online at any given moment. (24/7)
  • Frequent trainings, both individual and team, to help you build your individual skill set and develop a cohesion within the group.
  •  Experienced, open and approachable guild leadership
  •  Skilled and active (NA) commanders 

KoR Expectations

  • Keep guild chat family friendly.
  • A high level of maturity and respect for others.
  • Patience, and a commitment to developing your personal skill and teamwork in game
  • We will always have room for phenomenal players, no matter our recruitment situation.

To find out more send in game mail to:

  • Misty Red Rose.9320
  • Merry.7279



Man Of Many Names Thank you this was very helpful =)
Get ready to possibly/probably roll T1 tonight for WvW...yippie...
Full Guild Meeting Today after 7pm server time guild missions!!!!!
Missed the run. IT is real life and got a call. Should be on later.
Living Story Episode 4 is out! Log in to get it unlocked forever!
I hope 2017 is treating you all well!
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